Mini Effect Gizmo

Mini Effect GizmoはRJMミュージックラインナップの中で最もコンパクトなスイッチャーです。

評価の高いRJMバッファーとClick Stopper™ノイズ低減回路を搭載。ペダルボード上、もしくはラックのトレーに配置するのに最適な大きさです。


  • Control your pedals on a pedalboard, in a rack drawer, or wherever. The Mini Effect Gizmo is small enough to fit almost anywhere
  • One button press on a MIDI controller can turn on any or all of the 5 connected pedals. No more pedal tap dance!
  • 5 true-bypass audio loops allow you to preserve your guitar’s tone. Unused effects – and the cables that connect them – are switched completely out of your signal path
  • Relay-based switching offers the most transparent sounding audio switching available
  • The built-in audio buffer improves tone even further, reducing level and treble loss from long cable runs
  • Click Stopper™ circuit insures quiet switching
  • Compatibility with all MIDI controllers
  • Easy to program and use


  • 5 relay switched audio loops, wired in series
  • Any loop can be used as a split point, allowing for 3/1, 2/2 and 1/3 splits. (Can be used to run some effects in front of the amp and some in the amp’s effects loop, for example)
  • Buffered and unbuffered inputs
  • Click Stopper™ output and non-Click Stopper output
  • Internal voltage conversion provides +/-15 volts to the buffer and Click Stopper for maximum headroom and audio performance.
  • 256 presets, arranged in two banks of 128
  • Responds to MIDI Program Change and Continuous Controller messages
  • Can provide phantom power through the MIDI In jack. (9VDC, over pins 6&7 of a 7-pin MIDI cable)
  • Can also chain phantom power through the MIDI Thru/Out jack. (9VDC, over pins 6&7 of a 7-pin MIDI cable)
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.25 x 1.6 inches (21.6 x 8.9 x 4.1 cm)
  • Weight: 21.7 oz (615 g)
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC or 9VAC @ 150mA
  • Made in USA